September 26, 2016: Insurers Say Cash is King, Hurricanes Energize Over Brown Oceans and a Date-Driven Reinsurance Market

Risk Science: What You Need to Read Today

Japan’s Future Typhoons: Disruptive, Deadly and Destructive

Japan Times

Trajectories of recent typhoons as a “banana curve route.”

Tropical Storms Can Strengthen Over Land But Be Careful With Brown Ocean Claims


A significant number of storms can maintain or increase intensity overland globally.

Increasing Number of Summer Heat Waves in Israel, Study Finds


Meteorological Service says period between heat waves is now every 6 to 6.5 days, up from every 8 to 9 days between 1950-1980.

‘I’d Say the Tinder Box Would be Southern California Itself’

LA Times

Soaring temps increase risk of wildfires through Monday

Risk Business: What You Need to Read Today

Insurers Boosting Cash as Credit Worries Build, BlackRock Says


Insurers expect to slow purchases of high-grade corporate debt and hold more cash over the next two years, potentially squeezing already low returns,

Reardon: Reinsurance Ready to Transform

Royal Gazette 

The CEO of Hamilton Re thinks reinsurance industry is ready to transform into a more efficient and data-driven industry.

NSW Floods: Insurance Council Declares Damage in Forbes a Catastrophe

The Australian

Damage from the disaster is likely to cost local businesses owners and residents tens of millions of dollars.

Munich Re Scaling Back Hong Kong Presence as Part of Regional Revamp Which Sees Expansions in Beijing, Singapore

South China Morning Post

Many of the reinsurer’s estimated 50 staff in the city ‘will be offered positions’ elsewhere, says spokesman.

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