Insurers' Role In Police Backlash

Ackman brushed off Buffett

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Model Proposal Sparks California Wildfire Battle

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Insurers Can Tame Police Conduct

When an insurance company writes coverage for police liability, the insurance company puts itself in a position where it improves its bottom line to reduce police misconduct. So just as your property insurer wants to make sure that your building doesn’t burn down, a police liability insurer wants to make sure that the police department it’s insuring doesn’t do things that trigger liability.

Private insurance companies can play a powerful role in reforming police practices, Marketplace.

Ackman Dumps Buffett

Ackman during the call labeled Berkshire a “strong investment,” although that seems like damning with faint praise, in light of his choosing to ditch the stock. Missing was Ackman’s one-time gushing over Berkshire. He only indicated that he wanted to deploy his capital into areas he considered having growth potential amid the ongoing cornavirus-influenced market.

Why Did Bill Ackman Unload His Berkshire Stake? Chief Investment Officer

Critics Slam NOAA as Hurricane Season Starts

This latest release, the seventh since the dust-up shined a spotlight on the politicization of weather forecasts, shows concerned citizens and NOAA constituents writing scathing emails of concern to the agency’s leaders in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane’s assault on the Bahamas and the southeastern United States.

As a busy hurricane season looms, NOAA’s credibility has taken a hit, new emails show, Washington Post

Insurers Continue Hedge Fund Exodus

Over the years, hedge funds have become a little less attractive compared with some other investments, given the returns. Returns haven’t been favorable enough to meet the high fees, as well as the regulatory capital stream imposed by capital charges. … Not only is book adjusted carrying value declining, but the number of holdings have declined as well.

AM Best: Insurers Reduce Hedge-Fund Investments For Fourth Straight Year, AM Best

GC Boost Terrorism Model

Guy Carpenter announced today that it has entered into an exclusive multi-year agreement with Synthetik to further enhance its proprietary terrorism modeling product, Sunstone. An applied technology and engineering company, Synthetik specializes in explosive blast and weapons effects modeling, working with both government bodies and the private sector to develop data science applications, models and simulation code.

Guy Carpenter Enters Exclusive Strategic Agreement with Synthetik to Enhance Terrorism Modeling Capabilities, GC Capital Ideas

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